Music boxes and Automatons : History and shop

The female musician by the Jaquet-DrozesThis website is a tribute to the talented European watchmakers and technicians, who, through the 18th and 19th centuries, tried to discover the secrets of life by giving birth to extraordinary creatures of great mechanical complexity: automatons and androids created by Vaucanson and the Jaquet-Droz family, talking heads created by Abbot Mical, the fake automaton and the talking machine by the Baron von Kempelen, clock automatons by the Maillardet brothers, writer automaton by Von Knauss, android automaton by Kintzing, tricked automatons by Robert-Houdin, « pygmy » automaton by Stèvenard...

Also on this website : sale of music boxes, automatons, instruments of mechanical music, videos about automatons, CDs of mechanical music, carousels and many other musical merry-go-rounds, miniatures, cuckoo clocks, componiums, musical dolls...

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